Pegasus Systems, LLC.



  • systems analysis and design
  • program management
  • software development
  • web applications
  • web hosting and design
  • technical consulting
  • network services administration
  • business intelligence applications

About Us



Ron Fernandez, President and founder of Pegasus Systems, is the principle consultant responsible for the areas of systems analysis and design for software development and implementations, network and administrative services, web applications, and hardware/netware configurations.

Ron has five patents registered through an Ann Arbor digital medical records company for software and web-based applications for improving process workflow and follow-on applications for hospitals, medical practitioners, insurance companies, and other medical record-keeping stakeholders.


Ron worked with Ann Arbor companies and agencies such as Comshare, Red Cross, St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital, and Unival Inc. Along with, Virginia Health Department for creating the Advanced Health Care Directive registry while at Unival.  He has over 30 years experience learning how to demystify technology.